Monday, December 17, 2012


Why do they have to grow up so fast?

Please stay like this forever!
Tummy time is not that bad anymore.
He is getting better at lifting him self up. 
He doesn't fit in his little bath tub so we give him baths in the kitchen sink 
or with his brother in the bath.
12 to 18 month is what he is wearing
his hair is always bananas, especially in the morning.
He can pick things up and they immediately go in the mouth.
he drools so much and has a little tooth coming in. 
He tried banana today. 
he loved it. 
Of course he did. 
He loves to hear himself
He talks/sings all the time.

socks and shoes are usually kicked off after 5 seconds of being put on.
I don't know what I insist. 

He wears same size diaper (4) as his big brother. 
He doesn't fit in his swing and I predict that he will need a new carseat by 1 yrs old.
He is always happy and content.

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