Tuesday, April 9, 2013

8 months old! 

sam turned 8 months back on March 17th...

Sam loves to eat. 
Can you tell?! 
He will try everything that we give him. even puree meats...gross.
He is still our best sleeper in the house. 
Bath time is a blast with this kid. He can sure make a mess though so an apron or towel wrapped around you is a must!
He is teething. 
But you wouldn't know that he is because he is just so chill. 
He has his first tooth coming in on the bottom. 
tooth O to be precise 
(momma is a dental assistant nerd)
He is teething like crazy.
fevers, bum rashes, that is how my babies deal with teething but overall he is champ. 

He loves Will so much. 
They make each other laugh. 
Will loves tickling him and makes silly sounds and faces at him.
He still doesn't have an interest in crawling but he can roll over and sit up. 

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