Friday, April 19, 2013

Sentimental fool

So it happened. 
Kent and I are grown ups.
We bought a car and said goodbye to our van.
It was such an emotional day for me. 
Saying goodbye to our first car.

I remember one particular night back in 2007. 
Kent and I were engaged and we started talking about the things we liked, hoped to have and do in life. 
I told him that no matter what I was never going to own a mini van. 
At one time my parents had one and I thought it was the ugliest thing. 
I know what you are thinking...shallow. 
I mean the car I was driving at that time was no sweet thing either. 
in fact, it cost me $900. 
I bought it from a friend in Park City. 
That poor Subaru was OLD! 

 We were married. BEST DAY EVER! If you were there you know that our wedding was amazing. 
5 months later....
 I'm pregnant. 
The day we found out was the scariest and most exciting moment of our lives. 

5 months pregnant and our Subaru dies. I mean. dies, dies. I'm working full time at Mall Dental. Kent is full time at BYU and we barely have $$$ for our baby. 

And all of a sudden who comes to the rescue? My sweet in laws.

Note Sam's eyebrows in this picture. 
Totally looks like my Father in law in this picture. 

Why yes, Will IS wearing to 2 different pair of sock. 

And what do we get? A mini van. 
Yeah, God sometimes likes to teach me lessons. 
He's a great prankster. 

So I obviously suck it up. 
Grateful for my in laws, grateful Heavenly Father answered my prayers and all while laughing inside for eating my own words. 
All I can think of at this moment as I type this, is a quote from Arrested Development...

"That's why you always leave a note" - you know the one?

But in my case, it would say something like - "That's why you never say you won't own a mini van."

Anyway, our sweet van has been with us through our first 4 years of marriage. 
2 moves.
The drive home from the hospital after our 2 sweet boys were born. 
Kent's graduation. 
Boring trips to BYU's Paleontologist museum knowing Will (and Kent) would be in heaven. 
A road trip to San Diego for my 
sister in laws wedding. 
That one time my sister in law came to visit from Mississippi. 
loved having her with us.
That one time Kent loaded the inside with trees for a film shoot and we had a car full of dirt for days.
Drives to see the Provo Temple when the kids are having a hard time sleeping.

Anyway, our list could go on and on, but I'll spare you from that.

Basically what I am trying to say is that if our van was a person, I would hug it and say, "thank you for everything." 

Here is the newest member of the Everett clan.

Note Will in this picture. 
He is trying to escape because it was 4:30pm and we had been here since 10am.  
Don't worry. We went home for a bit in between. 

So here we are.  We bought a car and we hope this will be the beginning of great things. We looked and looked for cars and Mini Vans in fact but with our budget we thought this crossover was the best choice. 

Next... a home. Stay tuned. For a good while. :-) 

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Jeni Dominga said...

I am the same way about cars, houses, etc. It's hard not to get sentimentally attached to things and places that mean so much. When I was 14 my mom sold the care we had for years and years and I just bawled.
Your new car looks great, though! Enjoy the new memories! :D

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