Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kent and I started a weigh loss program his Aunt Melissa runs online.
 First week we both lost 5 lbs. 
We've been using MyFitnesspal to track what we eat, drink and our exercise. 
We also keep track of our sleep.

It makes a world of a difference when we work as a team. 
We help each other find time to exercise and eat the same things.

When the weather is nice we go to Carterville park and take turn watching the boys in the playground while the other runs on the trail.
On days that are rainy and cold we go to BYU's Indoor track. 

I am really excited to be doing this. 

This little video was taken at the Park last week. Will flew a kite for the first time BUT the best part  is in the last little bit....

look for Kent.

It sure gave us a good laugh.


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