Monday, April 29, 2013

This weekend we got to test out our new car by driving up to SLC.
Kent had a meeting with the director and producer of the new movie they are working on so the kids and I hung out at City Creek. ( can't complain, right?)

On Saturday we took a little drive up to Heber and Midway. Kent needed to scout a few places so we tagged along. ( again, can't complain) Our little family loves adventure.

Here are a few places we checked out

Drove to Midway to check out Homestead Crater

Here's a professional picture of the place VIA

 and here are mine.... to my defense, it was super crowded with scuba divers, i had a baby on my hip and it was like 100 degrees in there. 

I feel in love with Midway. The city is super cute! lots of Swiss influence. 

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