Saturday, July 6, 2013

Birthday Party for the boys

Will and Sam had a birthday party in San Diego on July 6th! 
 First of all, I have the coolest family ever and that is defiantly including my in laws too! This party came together because of them. Its not easy planning a party when you don't even live there. 
My Uncle Leo came early that morning and did so much for us that day. My sweet day got up early and saved us a sweet area at the park. My aunts all brought a delicious side dish. my mom made the best rice, beans and Carne Asada oh and we had like 5 different kinds of salsa. My sweet mother in law Judy bought and cut up all the fruit AND brought the yummiest and cutest cake ever! 
But what really made this so great, was having so many come and share this wonderful day for our boys. 
Thank you everyone! 
For the decorations, I printed a picture of Sam's first year. Each picture represents a month. 
For Will I printed out a picture of when he was 1, 2, 3 and 4! 
It was such an easy decoration and so cheap too. 
After the party, i just gave them to my mom. 

Most of my decorations, I made to save money.

Thank you MOM and Judy!!!!!!

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