Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dinosaur Park

Saturday we planned on taking Will to the Dinosaur Park and to spent the day with my sister in law and  her little family. We had a nice and relaxing time catching up and holding her sweet baby girl.  After a nice afternoon we took Will to the Dinosaur Park. Since we went an hour before it closed, there were hardly people there and because of the heat we didn't stay very long. Which was fine, Will seemed pretty over it after 30 minutes of walking around. I think the heat was really bothering him cuz usually he loves Dinosaurs.  Afterwards we cooled down with some popsicle and headed over to my sister in laws to iChat with the family. I love days like that where we get to spend time with family. I love when Kent is with his siblings and parents and hearing stories about their childhood. They have so many wonderful memories and it makes me so excited to have that start in our little family.  The more I spend with Kent's family the more I come to appreciate and thank Heavenly Father to be part of that eternal family. I look up to my in laws so much. They have no idea how proud I am to be their daughter in law. 

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