Thursday, June 21, 2012

 My stomach is heavy.
On Friday I had to chase your brother down the street. 
He thought it was a game. 
The chase and having to carry him back into the house left me bedridden for a day.
it was awful not being able to do anything but lay. 
Organizing every cupboard and drawer in the kitchen that same day didn't help I guess. 
 Let me tell you, if you want to torture me, just force me to stay in bed all day. 
Its the worst. 
Lately I've been having mild back contractions and my pelvic joints are shot to hell.
My sciatic pain is back but it all means I am getting closer to the end. 
I tried taking Tylenol extra strength so that i can get rest at night but that doesn't help at all. 
Its days like this I wish I had my mom close by.  
Someone I can just call up and keep me company for a few hours.
or help take Will out to the park or something.
Poor kid is all cooped up in the house with me. 
Lately I have been feeling restless.
 I just want to hold you already!
 I keep finding things to clean and organize which is driving your dad insane i'm sure. 
Everything is ready for your arrival!
Went to my doctors appointment today and everything is looking good. My blood pressure is great, I've only gained 37lbs so far and i'm not as swollen as before.


The Risenmays said...

Pregnancy is so hard! Good thing you get something great in the end :) You can call me anytime if you need help. I'm sure Brady would love to play with Will. Give me a call or text anytime, seriously. I don't live far at all.

Emily said...

Ah, I'm so sorry that you have been bedridden, that is no fun! You look great though and you are so close, hang in there :)

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