Monday, July 2, 2012

37 weeks

Its JULY!!!!
My favorite month.
I'm considered full term now! 
This week my doctor comes back from a service 
trip in the Philippines. 
He will do the Bishops score on me to get me ready for being induced a week early. 
I am feeling pretty good but tired by the end of the day.
I am swollen most of the time. 
I crave lots of ice water. 
Will and I went swimming with friends last week and it felt so good to be in the water. 
I felt like I was not pregnant. 
We've been watching lots of home videos of your big brother from when he was born till now. 
He grew up so fast!
It turns out your brother loves to swim. 
We put on his life jacket, he jumps in the pool and he swims in there all by himself. 
He had a blast at our friends twins birthday party just this last weekend. 
The AC is on most of the day because it is so hot! 
lots of celebrating to do this month! 
Its an excited time!!!


Emily said...

So close now! And still looking so fashionable... I'm loving your red lipstick- It looks so cute!

Zarin Sews said...

thank you Emily! I am at the point where nothing fits I really hope he comes soon!

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