Friday, July 13, 2012

Last week pregnant! 
Officially being induced July 17th. 
Exactly 1 week early.
My uterus is measuring more then 40 weeks so we know Samuel has been busy getting fat in there. 
He should be a good size baby. 
Anything under 8lbs is good for me! ( fingers crossed) 
I am so excited to finally meet Samuel. 
I'm excited to meet the little boy that keeps kicking me when I eat ice and who has the hiccups constantly. 
The little boy who doesn't let me eat Mexican or Asian foods.
The little boy who has now decided to switch up his sleeping pattern and is up all night. 
The little boy who gets lots of love from his big brother.

I am so excited to meet him. 
Will he look like my side of the family? or Kent's?
 Will he look like his big brother William?
 Will he have black hair? red hair?!
Will he be a good baby just like his brother?
Whatever he looks like, he will be perfect. 

I maybe a little bias but Kent and I make darn cute babies. :-) 

I secretly wish he would come this weekend. 
I just can't wait! Here's to having a baby this Sat! 
That's a great day to have a baby, right? 


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