Friday, July 27, 2012

Our first week with Sam

Samuel's first week with us has has gone by extremely fast! Slow down baby!!
I cannot believe how good this baby is.
He only cries when he is hungry or wet. 
He sleeps so much. 
I forgot how much newborns sleep. 
its amazing how much we are already learning about his personality and his preference. 
He hates when we wash his hair.
He doesn't like to be swaddled. ( just like William)
He loves to sleep on his tummy. but of course we only let him when we are with him. 
When he sleeps on his back he always has his hand above his head and his legs are spred out. 
He doesn't mind the carseat....yet. or the swing.
He nurses every 2 to 3 hours during the day and 4 to 6 hours at night.  and I thought Will was an easy baby. 
He doesn't like his diaper changed which is how his big brother is.
William loves him so much. lots of big brother kisses. 
We've tried giving him a binky but he doesn't want it. but that is okay, I prefer not having to deal with it. 
Having my mom here has been a huge blessing. She does EVERYTHING! cooks amazing! Kent is going to miss that for sure. 
She even cleaned our living room carpet. there is nothing this women can't do. I am a little spoiled.
I know I just had a baby a week ago but  I feel amazing! I recovered extremely fast this time around.  We have already gone on family walks to Macey's for ice cream, walks on the Provo River trail in the evenings and well i feel great!

8lbs 7oz 20inches

  Look at all that curly hair?! 


Allyssa said...

He is so handsome Nassari! What an adorable baby!

breanner said...

Look at all that dark hair! He is so handsome. His face kind of looks like Will in some of the pictures.
Glad that both mom and baby are doing well! Love you all

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