Sunday, July 1, 2012

A letter to my sweet William

Dear William,
 I thought about doing this when you were born but kept forgetting to do so. I think now that you are getting ready to take on an important role in our family, I want to let you know how much you mean to me. I suppose that I could write this on paper or  a journal somewhere but this seems to be a better place seeing as it will never be lost or destroyed.

While we were visiting your Aunt Jenny recently, I couldn't help but get choked up a little seeing how sweet you were with little Evie. It was a little glimpse of how you will be with your little brother Samuel. Right there and then I became extremely excited for you.

 In a few weeks, you will be taking up an important role. From now on you will always be a big brother. There will always be some one that will look up to you. Its a special calling if you ask me and one that is not easy. I know of someone who has that similar calling but His is a unique one. He was asked to live a perfect life so that we could return to live with our Heavenly parents. If you ever need help being a big brother or a friend you can always study the life of Christ.

I say this to you so that you know that being a big brother means you will be required to be an example and a help. I believe there is no coincidence of you being the oldest.  Even at almost 3 yrs old you have already proven how much you wanted to be here on earth. At 4 days old you helped our faith in Christ be strengthen when you got sick. You have a unique personality. You are strong.  You are full of love and compassion. Constantly hugging and kissing us. Sitting at the table you already remind us to say the prayer.

These last few weeks are a little bitter sweet for me. Its kinda silly but I can't help think that this will be the last time it will just be daddy you and me. Up to this point you have never had to share our love or attention. I have only been YOUR mom and now I have to prepare to be a mom to you and Sam. That is so exciting for us! 

 I am so excited for our little family to grow and it will happen no matter what in July but from now till then I feel that we should dedicate our energy and our time solely to you in this exciting transition. We have extra cuddle times. You have been getting extra cookies during snack time. Daddy has been taking you with him on Slurpee runs and comic book shop runs and you love it. oh and sometimes we nap together on mommy and daddy's bed and you snuggle right next to me with your little warm body. 

 William, mommy doesn't know what it feels like to have siblings. I wish I knew how to relate to you in this aspect but your daddy knows and I bet he will always be able to relate to you when its not easy being a big brother.  You can always count on us to help you with anything you need. 

 In the 3 years you have been in our family, you have taught me and your dad so much.  How to be patient while you are screaming in the car because we can't reach a toy you dropped. Being patient while you scream and cry in your room because we wont let you keep getting out of your room in the middle of the night to climb into our bed. Being patient during a diaper change. I think diaper change means wrestling match in your mind or something.  You have taught me that I need to rely on the Lord to know how to meet your needs. Praying for peace while I hear you cry yourself to sleep. You have taught me sacrifice. Having the responsibility to be your parent and teacher has helped me to be more obedient to the Lords commandments. I want to be able to receive the help I need to raise you and your brother whenever I need it.  

We love you so much. We love your little high pitched voice. We love the many tunes you carry. We love your imagination. We love your OCD's. We love the way you talk. You say mimicow ( mickey mouse) rowku ( dinosaur) Ironman ( red) Hulk ( green) blah ( captain america). You are our special boy and we love you! 

Love, mommy and daddy 

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