Saturday, July 28, 2012

Welcome our newest Everett member!

Samuel's birth 
6am: we get a call from the hospital saying that my induction would be scheduled that day at 10am
9am: my mucus plug comes out followed by some mild contractions. we have breakfast spend sometime with Will.
10am: Kent and I walked to the hospital. its a block away. 
11am: we are finally taken to our room. coincidentally, its the same room I gave birth to Will. 
nurse checks me and I am still at a 2 and baby's head had not dropped.
12pm:   I am given Pitossin through my I.V. My contractions start increasing but nothing that i can't handle. my water breaks. yay! 
1PM: water continues to break. i'm at a 3.
2pm: contractions are still increasing. I say to myself "Happy pains. happy pains, happy pains"
3pm: my doctor comes in to check on me. contractions are happening every 4 minutes. Kent leaves to have lunch with Will.
4pm: contractions are killing me. epidural man comes in. at that moment I wish Kent was there with me but I tough it out. I am dialed to a 6. 
5pm: Kent brings Will to the hospital. we watched Pinocchio. Mom comes in to visit too. I can't feel anything. i can't eat anything. so i take a nap.
6pm: Mom leaves with Will. Kent stays with me. I ask the nurse to check me again. I start feeling a lot of pressure on my butt. hehe.
Babies head is starting to crown. 
6:35pm my doctor comes in and I start getting ready to push.
first set of pushes, half of baby's head is out.
second set of pushes, his whole head is out. 
doctor tells me to rest for 10 secs and before I start pushing, 6:54pm Samuel wiggles his way out without any help. pure joy.

 July 17th 2012
8lbs 5oz
20 inches long.
lots of black curly hair. 
long legs.
 His head is perfectly round since he was not in the birth canal very long. 

I hope each pregnancy continues to get easier and easier. 

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