Friday, July 6, 2012

the fourth

Independence day this year was a chill one over out our house. Normally we spend the evening with our best friends the Arregui's but they have moved and as happy as we are they are moving on to bigger and better things, we still miss having them close by.
Our day started out with our wards annual breakfast. after that we came home and Kent helped me clean the house. 
after nap time, we went over to Freedom Festival on Center street to walk around for a bit. My feet were ten times their original size after that walk. It was hot outside. A trip to 7/Eleven for a big gulp full of ice and slurpees for my boys helped to cool off.  We ordered Kneaders for dinner, watched Captain America that night and stayed up to catch the Fireworks. William crashed right after that. I say overall the fourth was a success. I loved spending it with my favorite 2 people. 

So grateful to be an american. I love this country. I love my freedoms. 

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