Thursday, November 8, 2012


   My boys

Today Will had a hard time listening. 
He got in trouble a few times and I kept looking at the clock waiting for the hour Kent would be home from work.
Some days I feel defeated, not able to keep up. Just when I think I can not handle Will's tantrums and wish I could just drop him off somewhere for the next 15 years, he randomly comes up to me and hugs me and says "thank you mom" (tender mercies)

I cannot help to feel gratitude for being a mother to Will and Sam. I am grateful to be a mother to a little boy who loves to make messes
loves watching Cinderella (at least 4 times a day, he has it memorized)
obsessed with brushing his teeth
doesn't like his feet touched
loves to be loud but can't handle loud noises...
is a thrill seeker
not afraid of anything
loves his brother and kisses him and hugs him at least 100 x a day
always says bless you if you sneeze
says thank you and your welcome

and Sam, well he is a delight to have him in our family. even at 3 months old he loves to talk, grab things, and play with brother. 

I am grateful for my children and what they teach me every single day.

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