Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

October has been my favorite month this year. Kent and I share equal amount of excitement for Halloween but not quite like Phil and Claire ( Modern Family). If you watch the show you know what I mean. 
  I challenged myself to do something Halloween/fall related for 31 days for Will. Whether it was painting rocks, making pumpkin bread, or making ghosts with his footprints, we did it all. It was exciting to see Will excited for Halloween. 

Kent came home from work, we had dinner and off we went to our Wards Trunk or Treat.  After making the rounds we took will down the street to knock on some doors. We wanted him to get the same experience of trick or treating like we did when we were kids. The weather was beautiful last night. It has not been like that for years. Thankful we didn't have to wear coats or deal with the snow. 
This year we kept it simple. I was a witch, Will was Captain America. Sam was bedtime Care bear ( super easy costume) and Kent was a scarecrow from Will's favorite Halloween book "The lady who wasn't afraid of anything". His preschool has been reading this all month. He loves it. too bad its on back order at Barnes. 

We finished our night watching Ghostbuster at our friends the Guzman big screen. Great Halloween. Sad and glad that it is over. now its time to take down the decor and clean my house! 

Halloween night and October FUN!

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